You may or may not know, but we started in 2009 as "stalozaidimas.lt" and at last we came to the point where in order to grow you have change concept, templates and that whole technology approach just to stay up to date.

So now we become OKO-GAMES - board, card games, puzzles, educational toys, miniatures shop without geographical boundaries.  If you ask us, is there a difference between 2009 and "now" we would smile and say that is "day and night" difference. Board games industry was and is growing, attracting more and more new players. You know more, you have more specific wishes and we are here at your service to fulfill your needs.

Still some things don't change: board games are still one of nicest leisure ways: it is fun, socializing, finding friends, incorporating kids into quality family time. It helps people not to get old ;)

We are here to offer your well known, but not only, board games, card games, puzzles, collectibles, educational toys, constructors and maybe even more stuff. Just surf through our economical, strategic, cooperation, war, fantasy, sci-fi, abstract, logical, party, educational games and find one you will enjoy.

In 99% of descriptions we place video tutorial link, so You could evaluate the complexity level and make decision to buy it or not. 

We have over 250 games in our assortment. be noted that there are thousands of them in stocks so don't be humble - send us an inquiry and we will find and ship ir to you for usually better price, than average market! Still, there are some interesting items in our Pre-Order category - maybe you will find it there (we highly recommend to use Search bar - if we have the item, it will find it ;)

Shipment is covering Europe mostly, but be noted that we system shipment cost is automatically applied to local territory - for other countries we shall find the best rate for you.

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Use our loyalty system - every purchase generates You loyalty points (You see No. of Loyalty points the game will bring in the product pages) that can be converted to actual discount for the next purchase. Loyalty points are stored in your account and every purchase points are valid for 90 days. Please be noted, that discounts are not cumulative and there is minimum - 15 Eur - order sum to apply the discount!

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If You have any question regarding assortment, shipment or notice issues, please leave us a message via website or use our e-mail address: info@oko-games.com.

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